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28 March 2021

Which paraphrasing tool is best for content writers? Prepostseo vs

There are some tools that are considered useful when it comes to content writing and the paraphrasing tool is one of them.

Fortunately, the internet is full of tools either they are used to rephrase your content or to perform some other tasks.

But how to choose one paraphrasing tool?

It is quite simple to pick one paraphrasing tool from the list of hundred but it needs to specify the requirements first.

As soon as you specify your requirements, you can easily go for a tool that can fulfill those requirements.

When we talk about the basic working of a paraphraser, it simply replaces the words with their synonyms and in this way, your content will get free from plagiarism.

If your preference is to make your content unique then have a look below because we are going to discuss the top two paraphrasing tools.



It is not wrong to say that Prepostseo is one of the best tool providers and there is a variety of tool that varies from checking plagiarism to checking domain authority.

But here, we are specifically talking about the paraphrasing tool of Prepostseo. This tool of prepostseo is one of the best and writers can take advantage of it to save time and make content exclusive.

This top tool is full of advanced features. Let’s dive deep where we will discuss some top features of this rephrasing tool.

1.     Paraphrasing tool

As we have mentioned above that a paraphraser simply replaces the word with its synonym and the same working goes for the paraphrasing tool of Prepostseo.

You can simply get into the site of Prepostseo and click on the paraphrasing tool, it will display an input field.

But some factors are really needed to focus on for giving a final Verdict between these two paraphrasing tools.

2.     Interface

If we talk about the interface of this tool, we can say that it has the easiest interface as any native user can use it.

As the interface is very simple, you just need to copy the content and then you can paste it in the field specified by Prepostseo.

After pasting the content in the field, click on submit button and the rephrased content will be displayed.

Then you can easily use that content anywhere because it will be completely free from duplication.

3.     Features

There are various features provided by Prepostseo and we are going to list those features below.

  • Free version available
  • More than one uploading option
  • Human-level paraphrasing
  • Multilanguage support
  • Displays words count
  • User-friendly interface
  • Eliminate unnecessary words or symbols
  • Three different modes

All these features make this tool the best in use and it can be enough for making your content free from plagiarism.

4.     Working

As we have mentioned above that this tool has an easy interface so, we are going to list the steps you need to perform.

  • Select a mode i.e., simple, advanced, fluency, and creative
  • Copy the text
  • Paste in the input field
  • Upload a file from your device
  • Or you can upload a file from Google Drive
  • We also have the option of uploading a file from the cloud
  • You can remove the unnecessary words from your content and separate them with commas
  • Select language from the dropdown list
  • By hitting the “paraphrasing” button, you will get your results

5.     Pricing

This is an online freemium tool that provides most of its features for free. But to get advanced features you need to buy premium plans.

You can avail of yearly or monthly plans according to the requirement. In advanced features, users get the opportunity to increase the word count limits and queries.


It is pretty obvious by the name that this tool is specifically created for paraphrasing content but it is not limited to it only.

Same as Prepostseo, some tools are provided by this platform and these tools are listed down.

  • Article rewriter
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Text summarizer
  • Grammar checker

But we are writing this guide to differentiate paraphrasing tools so, we are going to discuss the traits of a paraphraser. Like other tops tools, this rephraser is also full of advanced features.

Here we will discuss some amazing features of this rephrasing tool.

1.     Paraphrasing tool

There is no rocket science of rephrasing your content using All you need is to search for this tool on the internet.

Then you can start using this tool and it is pretty clear that this tool is readily available on the internet and it can be a good option.

After having a personal experience, we find this tool very accurate and it provides all the accuracy and adds all the important points in rephrased content.

2.     Interface

The interface of almost all the paraphrasing tools is the same and simple so, when we talk about the interface of this paraphrasing tool, it is quite simple.

Having a simple interface of a tool helps a native user to use that tool without having any difficulty.

There are many tools available on the internet that have the easiest or user-friendly interface and is one of them.

3.     Features

Having a paraphrasing tool with some advanced features can be a good option for writers but what are these advanced features?

It can be related to pricing strategy or something related to the working of a tool so, let’s have a look at whether this tool provides these advanced features or not.

The features provided by this tool are listed below.

  • Human-level paraphrasing
  • Multiple language support
  • Three different modes
  • Multiple uploading options
  • AI paraphraser
  • Preserve the original meaning

4.     Working

As we have mentioned above that the working of almost all the paraphrasing tools is the same so, let’s see whether there is any difference or not.

  • Select a mode i.e., fluency, standard, and creative
  • You can start typing in the input field
  • You can simply copy the content and paste it into the specified field
  • There is an option of uploading directly from your computer
  • Select language and it will be set as English by default
  • Click on the “paraphrase now” button

5.     Pricing

All the features of this tool are free for the users. There is no need to get paid subscription or make an account before using this tool.

Just go and upload the content in the paraphrasing box. It will provide you with unique content without any cost.

Moreover, there is no limit to word count for rephrasing the articles. You can rewrite unlimited content in a single sitting using this amazing tool.


After having an eye on the features of both of these tools, we can say that it can be a good choice of using any of these two tools.

But there is one thing that can differentiate both of these tools and that is pricing strategy. is absolutely free and provides all of its features without any cost. You can avail yourself of all the features without getting registered.

In prepostseo, you have to pay for the advanced features in which users get more queries and word count limit.

But if your preference is to just rephrase your content then having a free version is also enough.

Article written by James Wong

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