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Case Study


Scriptworks offers a SaaS based automated testing tool. It provides a visually intuitive interface that empowers manual testers to leverage their domain knowledge in designing automated test packs that are adaptable and reusable, effectively meeting the ever-evolving demands of today's dynamic environments.

Services:  Sales Funnel | Paid Advertising | SEO

Project Outline

Graphene Digital was entrusted to devise and execute a Marketing Plan aimed at enticing prospects to experience the benefit of a complimentary trial of the Scriptworks SaaS automated testing platform.


The goal was simple, to go from zero to hero, to grow from a base of zero clients and a dormant free trial program.


  • Analyse the target market, understand the ideal clients, create client avatars
  • Codify the customer journey
  • Create and optimize a Google Ads campaign
  • Create a content plan and publishing schedule (backed by keyword research)
  • Create an automated system to engage website visitors
  • Create an email campaign to nurture free-trial signups
  • Schedule regular reviews of campaign performance


Organic Keyword growth

scriptworks keyword growth

Organic Traffic Growth

scriptworks organic traffic

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Most businesses lack the time and expertise to build a marketing system that gets results. At Graphene Digital we will build you an amazing digital marketing system at an affordable price so you can get more leads that turn into customers.