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20 January 2023

Best Lead Magnet Ideas for 2023

In this article we will look at some of the best lead magnet ideas, but first let's get on the same page.

What is a lead magnet?

At its most basic, a lead magnet is something of value that you can give a prospective client in return for their contact details (something of value to us). We then use their email address to deliver the promised lead magnet and to then ensure they receive as much value as possible from it.

Potential clients know all about lead magnets, they may not know that name for them, but they generally will have exchanged their email address for something. They also, through their experience, know that there will be other emails in addition to the one delivering the lead magnet. In fact, we are duty bound to tell them that we will be doing so, and since we want to be genuine and honest with prospective clients, we want to tell them in advance anyway.

So our prospects know the game. With this in mind, we need to offer (and deliver) significant value in return for their prized contact details. Indeed, with all follow-up emails, we need to continue to add value - giving value will help lead to a sale through the principle of reciprocity.

Lead magnet examples:

  • Downloadable PDF
  • Webinar
  • Free book
  • Free trial
  • Audio download
  • Free video download

Your choice of format will depend upon what you like doing (you might hate creating videos, but love pod-casting) and more importantly, what would work best for your ideal client.

What's the Best Lead Magnet for my Clients?

There are several effective ways to understand what our potential customers would find of value.

  • Survey existing clients (but only those that fall into your ideal client classification)
  • Ask your Customer Service department, they will know what questions frequently arise and what issues existing customers experience
  • If you're active on social media groups in your industry, look back at what issues generate interest - they will provide inspiration for what will be of value

One of the important things to remember is that the lead magnet you generate needs to be attractive to your ideal client. You don’t want to cast your net to the wrong audience or you can end up with the wrong prospects.

What’s the purpose of your Lead Magnet?

The goal of your lead magnet is to position yourself as an authority and to increase trust with your ideal client. How do we achieve this?

When crafting an irresistible lead magnet, you should ensure it does the following:

  1. Showcases for you expertise and authority
  2. Promises just one quick win
  3. Solves part of your ideal client’s problem
  4. Be super specific about what it delivers
  5. Communicate effectively - as concisely as possible
  6. Be delivered instantly
  7. Have an obvious high perceived and real value

In addition to increased authority and trust, your lead magnet will create reciprocity with your prospective clients. The more value the more reciprocity. The more reciprocity, the closer you will be to a sale.

lead magnet

Lead magnet ideas

Lead magnet ideas, here are 16, but you can probably think of even more (you may have some of these in your blog that can be repurposed):

  1. Check-list  - great if your prospect is looking for something you can supply, get them to use a check-list that you can tick all the boxes for, and your competitors can’t
  2. Cheat-sheet - a handy quick reminder
  3. Template - a great starting point for your prospect when completing a task
  4. Swipe File - full of ideas to inspire your prospect,  pictures work best
  5. Script - to help your customer write or speak in a specific situation
  6. Toolkit - list and describe the tools you use and why
  7. Resource List - these are huge time savers for your prospects
  8. Calendar/Plan/planner - A fitness calendar, a publishing calendar, there are many types of calendars you could produce
  9. Worksheet/Workbook - to help someone complete a specific task
  10. Calculator - a tool to convert something or to help with something common to your industry
  11. Recipes - for drinks, for food, …
  12. Guide - A lengthy lead magnet - not as long as an e-Book. They can work well to nurture your prospects, educating them about the topic and your solution to their problem
  13. e-Book - lengthy and more difficult to consume
  14. Report - Great for B2B - A report on sales trend, technology trends, etc
  15. Case Study - Perfect for prospects who are at the bottom of your sales funnel, this type of lead magnet can give them the final push to get them across the line and have them buy from you
  16. Webinar - These, like video and audio lead magnets, have a high perceived value, with that and the sense of urgency, they also play on the fear of missing out as they only occur at specific times

The best lead magnets are those that can be referred back to many times. We want your prospects to get as much value as possible and if they interact with your lead magnet (and therefore your brand) frequently, you will be top of mind and may even be ready for you to make them an offer.

At Graphene Digital, we can research and build lead magnets for you as part of an automated lead generation system.


Why are lead magnets important for businesses?

Lead magnets are essential for businesses because they help build an email list of interested prospects or potential customers. By offering a valuable resource or incentive, businesses can attract individuals who are genuinely interested in their products or services. The email list generated through lead magnets becomes a valuable asset for marketing purposes, allowing businesses to nurture leads, build relationships, and eventually convert them into paying customers.

What types of content can be used as lead magnets?

Lead magnets can come in various formats and types of content, depending on the nature of the business and the target audience. Some common types of lead magnets include ebooks, whitepapers, cheat sheets, templates, checklists, video tutorials, webinars, free trials, discounts, and exclusive access to premium content. The key is to provide something that is valuable, relevant, and solves a problem or fulfills a need for the audience.

How do I promote and distribute my lead magnet?

Promoting and distributing your lead magnet is crucial to reach a wider audience and generate more leads. Here are some effective strategies:
* Create compelling landing pages that highlight the benefits of your lead magnet and include a signup form.
* Promote your lead magnet through social media channels, email marketing campaigns, and relevant online communities or forums.
* Utilize pop-up or slide-in forms on your website to capture visitors' attention and encourage them to download your lead magnet.
* Collaborate with influencers or partners in your industry to reach their audiences and offer the lead magnet as a joint promotion.
* Consider using paid advertising channels like Google Ads or social media ads to target specific audiences and drive traffic to your lead magnet.

How do I measure the effectiveness of my lead magnet?

Measuring the effectiveness of your lead magnet is crucial to assess its performance and make improvements if needed. Here are some key metrics to consider:
* Conversion rate: Measure the percentage of visitors who provide their contact information to download the lead magnet.
* Click-through rate: Track the number of clicks or interactions with the lead magnet promotion or call-to-action.
* Open rate and engagement: Monitor the email open rate and engagement metrics for follow-up emails or nurturing sequences sent to the leads.
* Lead quality and conversion: Assess the quality of leads generated through the lead magnet and track the conversion rate from leads to customers.
* Feedback and surveys: Gather feedback from leads or conduct surveys to understand their perception and satisfaction with the lead magnet.

Article written by Richard Roscoe
CEO and Marketing Consultant

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